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Who saw the first episode of season 7 on Game of Thrones?
Cersei is losing it. Finally showed her narcissistic love of her children: calendrier rencontre psg "I loved them, I did. But they are ash and we are still flesh and blood." Ugh...

I seriously hope either Jon Snow or Daenerys will ultimately win the Iron throne. Since my personality is far closer to Daenerys, I am a bit biased as I lean more on the hope that she will ultimately win...

Seriously hope Tyrion stays alive throughout all of this. I love him. Love the fact that he and Daenerys are team players.

Loved how Arya strategically planned and carried out her justice on the Freys: "But you didn't kill all of the Starks, did you? Leave just ONE wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe!" F**king epic....

I seriously feel like Euron Greyjoy is going to make both Ramsay and Joffrey look like a tea party by comparison. I f**king KNEW he would try to hit a marriage / alliance proposal out on Cersei lol. I think his gift will either be Ellaria Sand, her daughters, or possibly Olenna Tyrell (as she doesn't have much more of a future or many more plots going for her).

I think the whole part where Sansa and Jon have been butting heads is just a lead on. My guess (and I am not alone in this thought) is that The Hound will notify Arya of Littlefinger's betrayal of Ned (as he was there when Littlefinger pulled out the dagger). The fact that Littlefinger seemed to smirk when he saw Sansa and Jon bickering about which houses should be rewarded and punished, kind of shows what he assumes he can take advantage of: Driving a further wedge, if he can. Littlefinger is such a snake a** prick lol. I used to admire his intelligence, but now he has become more a**hole than anything else which drowned it for me.

Sam and Gilly discovering the mountain of dragon glass right on Dragonstone is definitely going to hook Daenerys and Jon up, hope they strike an alliance together. Marriage would be creepy, but not half as f**ked up as Jaime and Cersei. Plus they are two out of my three favorite characters.

Thought the episode was pretty good, really.
prostitute eminem Who are your favorite characters?
Mine are - Daenerys, Tyrion and Jon Snow.

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Nope. Heard it was most watched program of all time, thou. Also heard the program site crashed.

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