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Have you ever meet gal/guy only to end up liking their brother/sister?

Tell us your story...
"So I really like his brother"
"I am finding her sister very interesting."

This is when you FIRST meet them and are barely in a relationship or have been in a relationship not for a very long time. Feeling switch??

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Nope, can't say i have

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Yeah, I did. Jane was a fox, but her father hated Catholics in the name of Jesus so she wasn't allowed to date any to the point of it getting serious.

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I have. I met this guy and a few days of chatting on the phone we met. He invited me to a family BBQ.
I saw his younger brother and I know I'd like him more. I just ended up telling that guy I doubt it work out between us" and a few days later I called his brother.

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As a youngster one of my first crushes was on a friends brother.boy was he ever hot.

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I met twins ...separately...on a chat line when I was younger..

It's actually a hilarious story..
They were Hispanic sexy Monica Lewinskyd my dress while we were kissing.

I was young don't judge me

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No...but I think a few times in the teen years, I had a situation where some girlfriends sister had a thing for me.

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Oh yeah. Joan's sister was a FOX but her father wouldn't let her date a Catholic seriously out of utter prejudice. Bet he was surprised when he got to Heaven and found there were a lot of Catholics up there.

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Yes, of course. But since I have a sense of honor, I did not act on my interest, because that would be uncouth.

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I was closer in age to my former BIL than to my ex. He and I were very close before his passing. I never found myself physically attracted to him.