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I have communicating with a man on here for about a month. He seemed to be great, he said he had to travel to London on business but would return in 3 weeks. We have been texting each other throughout the time he's been there. Last week he said he.lost his wallet. It had his debit card in it. I ask him if he had travelers checks but he never responed. This morning he is wanting my bank account number to transfer funds into my account so I can transfer it to him. I think he is trying to something that is illegal. Just beware his name is nathansmiles.

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Its definitely a scam. You might want to report him to administration.

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Could u tell me how to do that? Thank u.

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Yup definitely a scam, customer service doesn't work anymore, so be very careful on here, he's trying to get your money, everything he told u about himself is fake

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Scammer...block & delete. Never look back

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NEVER send money to someone you do not know.

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When ever they say they need to travel to another country and want your personal information, run......

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It's a scam. Please don't fall for it. Please don't send him any money. Don't send him any personal informations about yourself. We American women need to look out for one another.

They are usually a black man posing as a white man. They all claimed to be rich, traveling for work, forget their wallet & need you to send money. The scammers will all tell you the same story. They have one child, their wife died from an illness or from some kind of accident.

Their English grammar are off, even though they claimed to be educated & have a master's degree. But they can't write a simple sentence without making a grammar mistake. The excuse is they are American but grew up in Europe that is why their English skills & grammar are so bad, & that's why they have an accent. Most American women on the internet have met these scammers.

A picture of a white man in the profile doesn't mean the scammer is really a white man. They are usually black men from Ghana or Nigeria living in England & scamming American women for money.

Please don't send any money or personal informations. It's a scam.

Put his nick screen name on here for is to see. He will probably delete his profile & create a new one anyway.

Block him.

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