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site de rencontre pour apprendre une langue How much stuff does one really need?
by site de rencontre pour relation serieuse gratuit at 1/19/2015 1:43:03 AM

How much stuff does one really need? How important are materialistic things to you? How much are YOU willing to give up? I am not talking about circumstances where you HAD to give up things because of circumstances beyond your control. I am talking about the willingness to let things go when you don't have to.

I am giving away most of my belonging; those things I hold on to for reasons I am finding unknown to me. The family heirlooms that have lost their meaning or knick knacks I thought I had to have or paperwork and miscellaneous things in boxes. Where does it end?

The purpose of this is to better understand who I am. To find out what's really important in my life. I have hobbies, family and friends. I have loved and lost.

Its time I stepped back and find out what truly matters.


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1/19/2015 1:55:44 AM

That's awesome, gave up a lot of meaningless items, so I could travel the world.i live lightly and can always pick up and go.
espace rencontre visite médiatisée

1/19/2015 2:33:32 AM

There's that old saying ( he who dies with the most toys wins ) I'm in that race. But I didn't waste my coins on knick knacks.

site de rencontre ballou
1/19/2015 2:42:58 AM

The most important things and what truly matters you shall find within your heart
rencontre virtuelle 3d

1/19/2015 3:02:40 AM

I'm definitely not a hoarder. I'm sentimental mentally and don't save everything under the sun. I'd rather write what happened in a journal.

rencontre musique chambre larzac
1/19/2015 3:49:28 AM

hello for me its different ,,,im a person who always keep all what people have given me whether it came from my love ones relatives or friends and even children and tribes whom i encountered and live with them in various mountains that i have climbed ,,,,it serves as a memory ,,,of being happy with all kinds of people ,,,,some turn out bad also ....but still i treasure them ,,,,although i knew what is the most important thing in my life ...just saying ,,,,

rencontres fhp 2011
1/19/2015 3:52:24 AM

Ever since i moved to a different style house and had a rummage sale to rid myself of $1500 worth of baggage. That day i felt 2 tons lighter! Today i continue with my "no net gain" policy. If something comes in, something goes out. I have have just enough stuff, doesn't feel as heavy anymore.

rencontre amoureuse toulouse
1/19/2015 6:00:51 AM

Wrote a similar blog like this about a month ago!! I'm all for getting rid of what I call dust collectors... like charli said it feels sooo good to get rid of things, it does feel like a "load" taken off my back when I do this!! I also like the policy (if something comes in, something goes out). Thanks for the reminder, will be donating today

rencontre serieuse mali
1/19/2015 6:29:30 AM

I call them cat hair catchers ez
site de rencontre gaspésie

1/19/2015 2:56:09 PM

You can have all the money material stuff but if you don't have that special someone to share them with they don't mean Jack!!!!!

message premier contact site rencontre
1/19/2015 3:23:12 PM

Most of my stuff will go to goodwill or to someone who deserves it. I am not out to get money for my items. Just need to lighten my load. Although I only really have a rooms worth of stuff so it should be easy.

prostituees sur valenciennes
1/26/2015 8:33:23 PM

Well i am on the journey of getting rid of stuff. I am finding myself giving away stuff away more than selling it.